Sustainable investment success in never accidental, but is always based on clear principales.

We all have dreams, in order 2 make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication & discipline.

Your Partner

Frank Winkler

Promising means to be convinced that it is never too late!

Asset Management

Winkler-Invest is convinced that the long-term properity of its clients represents the best basis for the consistency of its own success. To this end, its business activity is based on holistic thinking and action.


Investment rules

Looking forward and not back
Only buy what you know well
Not always follow the big crowds (be a contrarian)
Risk / Reward ratio has to be balanced
Be able to sell with a loss
There has to be a good feeling for the investment
If uncertain do not touch
Ongoing review of the errors


Credit Suisse Hypotheken AG - Vice-president of the board
SWICA Versicherungen - Member of the investment commitee
Diem Client Partner - Chief Investment Officer
Arc Invest - Investment advisor
akribes ag - Investment advisor

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